How to take Emergency balance in Teletalk | Teletalk Emergency Balance Code

How to take Emergency balance in Teletalk 2022

There are many Teletalk users in Bangladesh who do not know how to take Emergency balance in Teletalk. The current number of Teletalk users is around 4 lakh. We all probably know that Teletalk is the national SIM of Bangladesh which is why everyone expects more from this SIM than other SIM.

Many of us know about Emergency Balance. Emergency Balance helps us in times of emergency and we all know how important Emergency Balance is to us. Almost all SIM companies in Bangladesh provide emergency balance services. How much money you take as an emergency balance depends on the code you dial. In today’s blog, we will learn how to get the emergency balance on Teletalk SIM.

Take Emergency Balance in Teletalk Code

Like other SIM, Teletalk SIM has some code provided by the company for taking emergency balances. You can determine how much money you want to take as an emergency balance by dialing the code. The chart below gives all of Teletalk’s emergency balance codes.

Loan AmountSend SMSCodeService Charge
AnyType “Loan” and send to 1122 NumberDial *1122#0
10 TKType “10” and send to 1122 NumberDial *1122*10#0
12 TKType “12” and send to 1122 NumberDial *1122*12#1.60 TK
20 TKType “20” and send to 1122 NumberDial *1122*20#2.67 TK
30 TKType “30” and send to 1122 NumberDial *1122*30#4.00 TK
50 TKType “50” and send to 1122 NumberDial *1122*50#6.66 TK

Other SIM may carry up to 200 TK emergency balance but Teletalk SIMs may carry up to 50 TK emergency balance. On the table above you can find out how to take emergency balance in Teletalk SIM through all the codes or SMS codes.

How to check Teletalk Emergency Balance?

The biggest question after taking emergency balance in our Teletalk SIM is to see the emergency balance, in that case, many people want to know how to see the emergency balance of Teletalk.

There are two ways to view an emergency balance. One is you have to dial * 1122*0# on your phone or you have to look at your phone via SMS which you have to do by typing “Loan info” and send to 1122. Next, there will be a replay message in which all the details of the balance will be written.


Emergency balances are often more beneficial to us when we are in a place where there is no Flexiload store nearby. Emergency balance codes are given by every SIM company but many people are not aware of those codes because in today’s blog I have shown you how you can take emergency balance in your Teletalk SIM. I hope today’s blog will be very helpful for you. If the blog is helpful to you, then you must share it with your friends so that they too can know the Emergency Balance Code. You can Also Read, How to Buy GP 500 SMS Validity for 30 Days.

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