How to Install SeToolkit For Termux no root

Are you looking for SeToolkit for termux? or do you want to use it without root?

If you want, this is the best article for installing and using the Setoolkit for termux without root.

Hey there, I’m Shihab Uddin from Bangladesh, and I’ve been working as a cyber security expert since 2015. For working in the cyber security field, I mastered at Linux operating system. Termux is also built for running Linux commands that’s why I know everything or every tool about Termux, sometimes I spend time creating my own tool in termux. In today’s blog, I will write about how you can install and use the Social Engineering tool kit or Setoolkit for termux without rooting your device.

SeToolkit For Termux

What is the Setoolkit for termux? Setoolkit is the short form of the Social Engineering toolkit. It is a Linux-based tool that can be used for many reasons, you can run it in Termux because Termux is an app that creates a Linux environment on your mobile device. We have to know that we can install a package in our termux terminal in many ways but the common way is to clone the package with the help of the “git clone” command from GitHub or download the package directly with the “wget” command. Here are some instructions below for installing the Setoolkit for termux without root.

Instruction For installing SeToolkit

Before installing the Setoolkit, you have to install termux and then follow the simple 5 instructions written below.

  • After installing Termux, you have to update and upgrade using “apt update && apt upgrade” command. Updates and upgrades are important because if your Termux terminal is not updated then some functions will not work properly on your device.
SeToolkit For Termux
  • After That, you need to install the python package because the Setoolkit is made with python that’s why you have to run it with python2 or python 3. Installing python in termux is very easy. just type “package install python2 && package install python” by default Termux install python 3, So we don’t have to mention python3 for installing.
SeToolkit For Termux
  • Now we will install the Social Engineering toolkit or Setoolkit by git cloning from GitHub. I know if you are a beginner then it is a complex word to understand but don’t worry, simply it means just install from Github with the git package. If your termux terminal doesn’t have the git package then type “pkg install git” then your git package will download and install automatically.
SeToolkit For Termux
  • After installing the git package, Search “Setoolkit Github” on google or just copy this link ”” and on your termux terminal, type “git clone” after typing run this and you will see the Setoolkit will start downloading. During installing process it says do you want to continue? when this message appears, you have to type y and press enter.
SeToolkit For Termux
  • Use the “clear” command to clear the screen. After clearing the screen type the “ls” command, and you will see there is a folder named “social-engineer-toolkit“. If you see the folder on your terminal then type “cd social-engineer-toolkit” and run it.
SeToolkit For Termux
  • If you run the command, you will enter the Setoolkit folder, and type “ls” again to see the files of setoolkit. First, you have to update the pip package using “pip install –upgrade pip” command. then run the requirements.txt file using “pip3 install requirements.txt” command. It will take some time.
SeToolkit For Termux
  • After that, you have to give executive permission to all the files, for that type “chmod +x *” which gives executable permission to all the files. Then run “python2” to complete the setoolkit installation for termux. To open the setoolkit type “./setoolkit“. It will also work when you lunch the termux again.

Note: It often does not work on some devices. If it isn’t work for your device you have to root your terminal with ubuntu.

All the Commands for Install Setoolkit in termux

Here are all the commands for installing setoolkit for temux. You can also find these commands in the detailed instruction above.

  1. apt update && apt upgrade
  2. package install python2 && package install python
  3. pkg install git
  4. git clone
  5. cd social-engineer-toolkit
  6. pip install –upgrade pip
  7. pip3 install requirements.txt
  8. chmod +x *
  9. python2
  10. ./setoolkit

Wrapping Up

In today’s blog, we discussed how you can install setoolkit easily and run it on your device. In some cases, it might not work. Now the question is what should they do? The simple answer is, that they have to make their termux terminal rooted with ubuntu in termux.

Usually, this is the right way to install setoolkit or any other tools in termux. I know nevertheless some of you couldn’t install setoolkit for them I will write another blog which will be dedicated for them.

In my opinion, the termux is not very hard to learn, you have to understand Linux commands properly then you will find it easy.

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Can I use setoolkit without rooting my phone?

Yes, usually Social engineering toolkit or Setoolkit needs root permission to work properly. So how you can use setoolkit without root? the simple answer is you don’t have to root your phone. You have to root your termux terminal with the ubuntu package.

Is Setoolkit safe to use?

Setoolkit means Social Engineering toolkit. You can do many operations with this tool, It can be good or bad. So the simple answer is, if you use this tool for good work then the tool is safe to use but if you use the tool for disturbing others then it isn’t safe for you.

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